Thursday, August 21, 2014

Getting There and a Cold Morning

It is 44 degrees this morning.

K making herself a bird house.

 This ended up being the tool I got to use up on a ladder. A joist straightener.

 We need to put the flashing on and then the last row of shingles and the deck roof will be finished.
The roof over our bedroom is all done, yayyyyyy.

This will be the hard one. I don't think you can see the dip in the roof in this pic but this is the one that has to be taken down to the rafters.
Here's a look at our turkeys. They have the run of the place. Our grand girl was in the chicken yard picking up one of her Top hat chickens and the turkeys were watching through the fence and acted like they didn't like it, lol. They kept close watch.

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How to make Magic Mix link. 



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  1. I've got a couple of those all-in-one tools myself. I keep two in my vehicle and there are a couple stashed around the house in various places in case one or two grow legs and walk away. Girl child is adorable and tell her I like her shoes. And those turkeys look like they are about to read the riot act to someone ... or start a choir ... one of the two. LOL


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