Monday, July 14, 2014

Very busy weekend

The kitchen/bathroom and back porch roof is all finished with a little help from grand girl lol.
She just loves to help.

Grandson Braden was here visiting at a sons house from AZ. Hubby got to see him but I didn't :(.  Hope he had a good time with some of his cousins.

We got the meat birds all butchered and in the freezer on Saturday. We started at 5 am. Well hubby went out and got the fire going under the tub of water at 5 and I crawled out of bed at 5:30. We had gotten 98% of everything ready the night before.

All that needed to be done was to bring the knives out and cover the work table to have a clean working surface. Just 25 birds this year. Just, lol, was enough for the 2 of us to do.
We got them all butchered cleaned up and into very cold water, except one.

 I packaged up six and hubby took off to help good friends that live up here load up for their move.
We will sure miss you but hope all the best for you J and D. We know you will enjoy being by your children and grands.

Hubby came home and we finished up the birds.
The break did me good and K even got to help de-feather the last bird. She told me it was gross lol, but she wanted to help anyway.
She helped carry the packaged birds to the freezer trying to take 2 at a time but 2 were to heavy for her.

Hubby then started to take shingles off the steep roof and found the old wooden shakes underneath. They are falling apart.
 The next thing to do for the evening was to dig holes for the posts which he had already tarred the bottom of. We set the last one and got cement around it just as dark was setting in.
We will have a nice roof over the deck come fall. The deck still needs work but that will get done also.

Hubby's back told him he had worked hard come that night and Sunday and this morning. But he knows there are times he has no time to do what needs done here. So he does as much as he can.

Our sweet Lab Lizzie died Saturday also, we will miss her greatly. Lizzie and her best friend Paper. Both gone but not forgotten.


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