Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hot, Hot , Hot

After that cool front last week, this week feels unbearable. We reached 100 degrees yesterday and 104 today. For us up here this is roasting. The valley was 107 yesterday but they are hotter than us 99% of the time. We haven't seen these kind of temperatures in over four years.

We haven't been able to work on the roof since last Thursday. Just been way to busy other ways. Dave put 10 hours on the roof that day. To say he has been hurting this week is an understatement. (He won't like me telling anyone this.)

I have printed out a couple of articles from rethinksurvival.com. One is the

How to Make a Bucket Survival Kit, 34+ Items to Add to Your “Bucket List”

I added  few different things on mine but you can add or subtract the things you need to. This is a good start. I did the same with the water bottle kit.


It also has how to make a water bottle survival kit.

Even if one makes these, I still like my packback to have redundancy and be able to have more. If one can use a vehicle these buckets with extra gear and foods and other necessities would be great.

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  1. Thank you for the links, I'll be checking them out :) appreciate ya!


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