Sunday, December 22, 2013

I Think We're Ready and New Book Up

The little tree is up.  But still have some wrapping to do and gifts to deliver to some of the children and grands.

Christmas Eve dinner will be at one of the sons and daughter in Laws house this year. :) We get to just bring some sides.

We are hoping to get some cookies made Monday and Tuesday if all goes well.

The weather has warmed up after a dozy of a blizzard on Friday and Friday night. So by Christmas all this snow will most likely be melted.

My back is better but I go back in to the Chiro again Monday tomorrow to make sure everything is where it's supposed to be.

Dear hubby has picked up the granddaughters cold :(.  Mine is better.

I did manage to get my latest book finished.  Been a long time in writing.  It is called Ruby's Time Out.  It is about a woman from our time that ends up in the world of the 1860's.  Is she lost in time or another dimension?

Ruby's Time Out E Book

Ruby's Time Out Paper Back

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Merry Christmas

I wanted to wish all you wonderful folks a very Blessed Merry Christmas.

I hurt my back about 3 weeks ago and it put me wayyyyy behind in everything.  I am on the mend with my back and caught a cold from the granddaughter lol.  She is feeling better today and is full of it.

I just finished making a couple of rice neck bags for a couple of family members.  But I was given orders to not try to do cookies even so I wouldn't stress my back or neck.  Hopefully we can get some baking done on Saturday or Monday.

We have had some really cold weather and we are a white wonderland.

We took K down to see the lights at the park, well hubby took her through the park.  I took some pictures and went back to lay back in the seat of the car and rest my back.

Merry Christmas all.