Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lots of Rain This Week

It has be a great week for rain with the cool front that came in but now were used to day time temperatures in the 50's and 60's and by Saturday we will be back in the 80's and dry.  So that is going to feel pretty hot to us.

I canned granny smith apples yesterday and still have a row in the box left to do.  I will make more jam with them.

I managed to get my book finished Seeing the Fire and up on Lulu as a paperback and an E book.  I put as low as price on them as I am allowed because I know money is getting tight for lots of folks.

E book,  Link to E book

Paperback, Link to paperback

Pat and Martin Bloomfield have always felt like they were just ordinary folks.  They have done their best to be good people, raise their family and make due as best they can in an ever restricting environment.

            The Second Great Depression is upon them; they have worked hard to put food on the table and help their neighbors.  It isn’t just the financial problems but also the rules and regulations against medical help or medicines for the common man.

 Slowly they have lost all communication with the outside world.  No way to email, call or even write their children or anyone else.

            They both wake one morning having had strange dreams and hearing a quiet voice telling them they are to prepare to be a refuge.  Help beyond the veil is telling them; get ready.

Everyone out there have a good week.

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