Monday, May 6, 2013

New picnic area here

Saturday was busy up here as we tried to get some of the things that need done in the spring.

Dave got the old raspberry canes cut down while I cleaned all the winter debris off the deck and cleaned up the granddaughters play outdoor kitchen and toys that sit on the deck, it was a real mess.

The next thing to be tackled was digging the new fire pit and picnic area.  Its is all surrounded with rocks and the bottom lined so we can easily sit a dutch oven in the bottom.
3 benches were also made.

Kay had waited all day with her bag of marshmallows.

We will do some more clearing around it but the big part is finished.


About time to make sure we have extra oil around the place for the mower, car truck and etc. Boy the prices have really risen for those.

Time to check other things we are low on. Not good to run out of things like aluminum foil and so forth. 

Keep the stocks up on toilet paper and cleanersYes food and ways to cook it are very important but so in cleanliness.

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