Friday, February 1, 2013

Waterless Hygiene & Homemade Toothpastes

Waterless Hygiene
Plus toothpastes

These ides are good for everyone; we never know when a storm or other problem may arise and we are left having to evacuate or be at home without water to waste.

We need to be thinking of what we would need if for a short time you didn’t have a way to clean without having water to do so.  Some of these can be found in camping supply in stores and sporting good stores.  Some of these things also that can be taken with you if you had to leave home.  An extra layer like zip lock bags with help them from drying out as quickly.

1.     Wet naps, baby wipes and one called bathing wipes

2.     Waterless shampoo and no rinse shampoos, they do make it, also baby powder works to sprinkle in your hair and takes out excess oils

3.     Witch hazel isn’t real expensive and works for cleaning your skin and if necessary brushing your teeth, it is also good on cuts, rashes and is an astringent

Experiment with different products, find the ones you like and work the best for you and or your family.

Store these tooth pastes in containers with tight fitting lids

Toothpaste: 1 simple
1/4 cup baking soda
2 tablespoons peroxide
1 teaspoon salt
Mix and use

Toothpaste: 2
½ cup baking powder
Enough coconut oil to make paste consistency you like
A couple drops of a mint essential oil or crushed mint leaves or flavor you prefer
1 teaspoon Calcium Carbonate powder (optional)

When I grew up most of the time all we had was baking soda and it cleaned our teeth just fine.

 I managed to catch the flu a few days ago and it really slowed me down big time.  Doing better today :).

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  1. Have used baking soda a lot years ago too. My dad always told us while camping to chew the end of a twig and then use it down at the river's edge. That worked a long time ago too. When the water was clean, don't know if I'd trust a source like that these days. lol
    Sorry to hear about the flu. So far my husband and I both have stayed healthy through the winter. Our son and his family keep passing it back and forth among themselves. Glad you're better!


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