Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Allergy Needs and Etc.

Well here is what we look like this week.

K got her first hair cut

We had several grand children's birthday in Feb., mine and the last will be my oldest brothers.

List for cold and flu season, things I tend to not get restocked with right away and I should.  To make sure we have them on hand after flu season is over in case we are hit with a new batch.  But this year I have tried to make sure I pick something up each payday if possible.

Sore throat spray
Sore throat lozenges
Vicks vapor rub
Vicks cold and flu medicene, I like this better then the Night Time type.  There is something in the Nyquil and Night Time that makes me groggy headed for 2 days after. Or I just get it in pill form and the pills do okay without the side effects I get from the liquid.
Day time cold medicine
Extra bottle of a pain reliever or more 
Don't forget Kids med.s also.

For allergy season which will be upon us before we know it.
Allergy eye drops and regular
Allergy medicenes, over the counter works for some of us.

Also for those that tend to be allergic to other things that might set off and allergy attack like certain foods, insect stings and etc. (I found out I am very allergic to the glue on those little black triangles used to glue pictures onto paper pages to)

Benadryl - liquid works fastest but I keep it in pill form in my purse.  There are a few things that will set off an reaction quite quickly.
EpiPen if you need one through prescription
Masks if needed
Other med.s that work for you

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