Thursday, October 25, 2012

Venison Roasts and us

We have been snowed upon, 6 inches today and Tuesday we had around 2 inches but melted off yesterday. Today's shouldn't last to long as in a couple of days it is supposed to be around 50 degrees day time.

As we were getting the heavy tarps up on the wood shed it flurried on us, so that was done just in time.

Old Fashion Roast
My mother taught me this recipe for to-die-for roasts many years ago and her mother taught it to her.  Mom was raised during the 1930's Depression.
You can use it with deer, elk, beef, and pork.  Remember beef and pork don’t need as much garlic.   
Take your three-pound or so roast, rub a flour, garlic powder, salt and pepper mixture on it, then take a few garlic cloves and make a few holes in the roast and shove in them in.  Grease your roasting pan with a generous amount of bacon grease, pour in ½ cup water, lay roast in pan and cover with strips of bacon.   
Next, add small potatoes or larger ones cut in half, then add your carrots cut in half-length wise, cut large ends in half.  Add to pan also, and then slice in thick rings of onions to cover roast.  Put on lid or cover snugly with aluminum foil.   
Cook in oven 300 degrees for four to five hours.   
Check about every ½ hour after three hours depending on the size of the roast to see how tender the roast is.  
 Of course more hours for bigger roasts.  With a really big roast- whole potatoes and just cut carrots in half.  
 If you want good venison, bacon and garlic are a must.

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