Thursday, March 15, 2012

51st week already

New 51 Week Storage Ideas Week Fifty One
 This is for two (2) people so buy according to your family’s size.
Non-food list:
Good plastic containers with lids i.e., Tupperware, rubber maid etc. in many sizes
Wind up clock or battery operated
Food list:
Time for some instant things in case they are needed.  As in a quick meal if an emergency etc or you are ill. These are just suggestions as you will get what you like.
Instant Oatmeal and breakfast bars: 4 boxes or more as you like
Chile: 12 cans
Ravioli or spaghetti canned: 8 cans (or an instant canned food you like.)
Chicken noodle soups: 12 cans
Boxed meals: 8 to 12
Cake, brownie and or cookie boxed mix: 6 to 12 boxes
Any other canned or boxed food that you enjoy.  Some of these that can be taken out of the can and heated or eaten cold if you had to. Don't forget snacks.
Remember: if you open the lid to a canned item but not taken off all the way it can be somewhat closed and heated on or by a fire.
As this is the last week for this kind of list I would like you to go over your supplies and see what you are short of and need to beef up.
 Food storage:
Water storage & purifying
Cooking (Coleman stove, grill propane, rocket stove, solar or charcoal etc)
Cooking supplies and utensils
Aluminum foil: heavy and regular
First aid supplies
Medicines: prescriptions, cold and pain etc.
Baby supplies or child items
Sewing kit: including extra assorted materials, threads etc.
72 hour plus kit
Car kit
Kitchen supplies
Gardening Supplies: tools and seeds (no hybrid)
Winter kits and supplies
Reading books and how to books
Light (matches, candles, lanterns, oil or kerosene etc)
Camping supplies
Blankets and sleeping bags
Personal hygiene
Feminine  hygiene
Shoes and boots
Alternate Toilet and waste disposal
Misc. supplies as in nails, screws and etc for fixing things and hanging things on the walls
Tapes: duct and package etc.
Plastic rolls as for covering windows etc.
Buckets etc
Trash bags
Good sturdy clothing: outer and under
And anything else that you feel you will need.
Of all things it is raining here today so back to lots of mud with the now drifts down to around 18 inches. We had snow for days. So highs in the 40's today and days of rain/snow still in front of us.
Today is sewing and making more wood chip and wax fire starters.

Sorry i don't know whats wrong with this program but it just would NOT separate anything as I typed it in. So I figured this way would work.

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