Monday, April 18, 2011

Rain Rain

A very rainy weekend, so outside building projects were out.
Dave said kind of hard to put down spouts on the barn with rain coming down off the roof lol. Like I said just 2 sides where the worst problems are.

He does want to get post holes dug before the ground hardens up though so that is something good about damp ground.
Way to wet to rototill the garden area.

I should get my lap top back tonight hope hope, it had a problem and Dave took it in to some one we know who works on them. I am on Dave's very old computer.

Trying to figure out if I am up to making cheese today, we will see.


  1. Isn't that always the way, when it's not raining you don't need the downspouts and when it's raining you can't put them up. I have two rain barrels attached to the downspouts on our little home and they filled up over the weekend.

  2. Hope the rain stopped there and you were able to put the down spouts on. Good luck with getting the computer back and with the cheese!


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