Sunday, April 10, 2011

Project time

Friday was shopping day and going over to do lists. These are all do it yourself projects of course.

We spent hours in home depot going over what we needed for certain projects this summer and fall and are in bad need to have before next winter hits. We purchased some of it.

I am trying to think of them, Dave said there are 7 of them. 

1. Jack up the barn where it has a problem and fix it, roof is also bowed and some rafters need replaced, this will be major.

2. Addition: summer kitchen/ tractor lean-to on east side of garage tied into the garage roof. Also major but not like the barn roof.

3. Re-shingle the garage and over on to the addition.

4. Raised strawberry bed 12 foot square, an easy one. Wired (called hardware cloth) bottoms to keep out voles for both number 4 and 5.

5. Raised herb bed, 3ft by 20 ft, another easy one.

6. Concrete in the corner posts on the fence lines that are having problems.

7. Gutters on 2 sides of the barn (south and west sides) to keep water from pouring into the barn when the snow melts off the roof or it rains cats and dogs, another not so hard as long as no complications crop up. And we know how that goes.

8. I thought of something that wasn't on the list, take down the 8x10 shed whose roof caved in this winter. Very old shed. We have had it 21 years and it was given to us second hand. 
I just hated to see it finally go. We have had to keep a tarp on it for the last 6 years so everything inside wouldn't get soaked.
At least nothing has to be purchased for this project.

He is also talking about maybe painting the barn again this summer so that would be 9.
We will keep our eye out for paint sales.
Last time we painted it we found 2- 5gallon paint containers in barn red for $15.00 each, we grabbed those real quick. Need to find that kind of deal again but maybe in white as he decided he doesn't really care for the shade of red it is, lol.

It is hard to tell but this is a raised barn and water can flow right under it, but the middle is for the animals to bed down and becomes a mud hole. Plus the ground is higher on the right side of the barn here which is west side of the barn.

It was snowing this morning but we shouldn't get much, supposed to turn to rain later.

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