Monday, August 23, 2010

Nice weekend

It was a very nice weekend, not to hot not to cold. The garden got weeded and watered, lots of hard work for Dave.
We washed pitted and pureed about 19 lbs of peaches to get them ready for jam making this week. 
Got to do a little shopping and had little Kaylee on Sunday for Church.
I was giving a short talk on Family History in Relief Society (women's class) and Dave happened to be teaching a Priesthood lesson on Family History.
I printed out pictures of 8 generations to pin up in class. Kaylee, Kathy, me, My mom Frieda, grandma Icie, great grandma Anna, being held by g g grandma Lydia and ggg grandma Abarilla born 1847. Future, present and past.
Ick this doesn't taste good. Kaylee

Kathy 1988

Sally 1956 MI

Frieda 1931 Wis.

Icie Fern Barker 1911
Lydia Margaret Bloomfield and baby Anna KY 1893
Abarilla Plummer Bloomfield KY

We have 2 birthdays this week and Dave had to call this morning and say hey its Seth's and Terra's birthday's. I said OH MY GOSH. Where did the month go.
Seth's is the day before Terra's, we had to have her birthday in the hospital after he was born. Dave made the cake a Holly Hobby cake and brought the 6 children to the waiting room so we could have her 9th birthday together when he was born. We lived in Colorado then.
 Iowa, Terra in red with hand on Seth's head.
Coral and family have landed and driven to AZ per Army orders. But at least they are back in the states after 10 years in Germany.
Oh I was looking at a product for our computers called the  System Optimizer,
It looks like we will all need things like this more and more. I know we have problems that have to be cleaned up from time to time and it would be great to have something simple and easy to use. 
And we just bought that Dragon Naturally Speaking for me, oh my gosh is it nice.
Well time to get jars washed and a batch of peach jam made.

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  1. Very nice blog! Love the pics and will definitely be back to keep up with you. You're one busy lady.


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