Monday, August 2, 2010

More clean up

It was another weekend of tree cutting and clean up. The logs and branches are now out of the back yard and the dead trees are cut up on top of the hill from the house but still need picked up. So that will be another weekend chore.
Our cow Spring thought we were doing something interesting so she came to see. She is so nosy.
It was also time to wash the escape, poor car sure needed it.

It was Saturday so we got to watch Kaylee and she just loves the seat swing, she can now get on by herself. It was still cool in the morning when she was out. Later I tied her little long sleeve shirt around her waist and she didn't know what to think of that. She is so fair we have to try and keep hats on her. Tank the cat thought she would pet him.
I threw red and pinto beans with some left over ham in a pot on Thursday and it was nice to just warm that up when we were hungry. Made short work of making meals.
Today is laundry day and vacuuming up after our little cookie crumb-er. She did a royal good job this weekend.
Our son Seth had another surgery on one of his feet and is hoping to be healed enough by September to not have any trouble with his classes. He has been having to go back and forth to Seattle once a week.His wife Jessie is a nurse and working hard to keep them going. Here is a picture of them from a couple years ago. I know I have another but I can't find it at the moment.
  Our daughter Coral and her dear husband Kirk with their 2 children are working hard at packing to move from Germany they will fly into the states in the middle of August. hard to believe this is the last family picture I have of them (3yrs ago).
 Well I am off to hang another load of clothes. Always laundry to do.

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  1. I just love Spring (your cow). She is so beautiful. Can't wait for the kids to get home :)


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