Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New week less work

We started today off cool, after last week a little cool front is nice but it came in yesterday as 20 to 30 mph winds. Which made for a very windy day of butchering Cornish x-rock chickens. We set up in front of the garage ant got the fire going by 6:20 am. Dave even moved the truck over to the east side of us to try and help cut down the wind that was blowing in from the south east.
Since we went in together with our son DJ and friends Brian and Rebecka. They came up to help butcher. DJ was unable to as he is on a different shift now and doesn't have Mondays off.
Rebecka dunking chicken in boiling water to begin de-feathering.
276 pounds of chicken.
They brought their Foodsaver but we mostly used ours. Ours has two motors and was designed to do meats etc. Our son DJ traded us this one and took our older one. Great son or what? :).
FoodSaver Pro III Vacuum Sealing Kit, White

We had lunch about 12 noon with 8 x-rocks left to butcher. I had made lentil, vegetable,yak soup a couple of days before to go with potato rolls, homemade plum and rhubarb/strawberry jams and hot water chocolate cake for dessert; then back to work.

We finally finished up at 4:30, we got their bird put in their coolers with ice and ours and DJ's stuck into the freezer.

Some clean up and B & R were on their way home.

Dave had to shower and get on his way to town to City council meeting.

I showered after him rested for a bit and then went out to collect eggs. Boy had i stiffened up.

When Dave got home a couple of hours later we got everything picked up and put away, well all except for our homemade table which we will carry up to the barn tonight.

I have more rose petals in my dehydrator. Nesco FD-75PR 700-Watt Food Dehydrator 

Back to sweat pants and long sleeve flannel this morning it was 42 degrees this morning.

The elk are here and jumping our back fences and grazing in the next door field.


  1. Beautiful picture of the elk! Loved it! Congrats on getting all your chickens done!

  2. WOW! I didn't realize you had that many x-rocks! When you said you were going to butcher, I figured maybe 10 or 20!
    The elk look beautiful, but I bet they're keeping an eye on that garden of yours... ;)


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