Monday, June 21, 2010

BEAR Attack

Okay this evening I am in the kitchen its 5:35 I am home alone and I am doing dishes. Our 2 dogs start to bark but only do so for like 30 seconds and then go off to the left towards the creek across the back yard.
Then I see more brown and black where the dogs just came from and say what the heck is that headed toward the chicken yard.

BEAR BEAR BEAR and I am looking around going GUN GUN GUN.

I go where the rifle usually is, it is not there, Oh that's right DH put it away.

I remember the 22 is in the kitchen by the back door. Find the bullets, have a hand full and run out the back door. Rifle in one hand bullets in the other. Flick open the chamber and start dropping bullets all over while trying to get one in the gun. Single shot rifle you see.

The bear has just gone through the chicken wire and enters the coup. I hear lots of squawking and see feathers flying out the coup door. I get a shot off shooting beside the coup hoping to scare it.

It looks out the door and comes out and I shoot in its direction again and it takes off like a bat out of Hades.

Right through the chicken wire likes it isn't even there. Runs up the hill and Lizzie dog decided its something to bark at again and chase but only like 50 feet, then she gives up.

But wait a minute; here comes the cow and 2 bulls running towards all the noise to see whats going on. The other dog went to lay down at the front of the house, big help. No chickens hurt. But sheesh. Only the chicken wire is messed and a hole in the chicken coup where I missed the bear.

The chickens at night will be closed in there coup, the Cornish x-rocks are in a pen in the chicken yard and so are the turkeys. They are surrounded with field fencing along with the butter chicken wire and wire on top, but a bear can get through if he really wants to. On the other side is the goose pen. We have George and Gracie goose and their 3 new goslings.

Guess we will be sleeping with the kitchen window open and it was 44 degrees this morning.

I don't have any pictures of this adventure lol. It all happened to quick.


  1. OMG Sally! Glad you're is the same bear that was tormenting you last year? Glad the chickens, geese, and turkeys are ok. The only thing we've had around here lately is wolves, coyotes, and lots of deer. The larger bucks have been showing up in the mornings. Take care lady!

  2. This is a young bear we don't believe it is the same as before. I have heard about those wolves, are they the Canadian ones? If they are be careful they kill for the fun of it. We ran into some one who had a license and got a 150 lb female the males are running up to 250 lbs. And that was up in your area.


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