Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Cool rainy day today, even had to get the wood stove going to take the chill off the house. They are even talking a chance of snow for this Friday/Friday night with lows around 30. Another cool spring for us.

My cold is better so I am trying to work up to making more soap, we will see how that goes. I got quite a bit done in the house yesterday which was great.

I have my soap recipe in the back of our cook book at, http://stores.lulu.com/salsbooks

Dear hubby said he would bring supper home tonight with him :).

He also has to pick up Kaylee at the day care before he comes home.

The x-rock chicks saw me coming this morning and all gathered at the gate door to their pen and I had a hard time getting in without stepping on them. They love their food.

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