Thursday, May 6, 2010

Another snow day

The flower picture is from this morning. The front yard pic is from 28 Apr.

Been snowing off and on again this morning, getting pretty repetitive huh. At least we only got like a 1/4 of an inch last night instead of the 6 inches they were predicting for our area.

Typing isn't easy this morning hard to imagine how much i use my left hand for things like typing lol even. I hurt my bad left wrist getting the last jar of tomato's open for the lentil beef vegetable soup yesterday. Now it will be nearly useless for a few days. The brace helps some

Dave was nice enough to do the dishes last night and clean up the kitchen since I was unable to do so. I made 3 gallons of lentil chili and 4 gallons lentil beef vegey for him to take to work today.

The xrock chicks and turkeys are doing great getting bigger by the day.

We have arranged with DJ to pick up at least one of the chain saws I think its on Friday night. We will both drive and meet half way so the drive isn't real hard on either of us. An hour and half for both.

Oh almost forgot our son Joseph, wife Jaylyn and new baby Xander(4months) came up for dinner and visiting on Tuesday night. Was a real nice visit.

Joseph has been looking for a full time job since he has been out of work and found a part time seasonal one at least with the city. He should start this coming Monday.

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