Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Its Spring?

We have had to have fires at least in the mornings here this week. Frost a few days ago again and nipped a few things.

It is warmer this morning which is really nice. Almost 50.

Friday Dave went and played his second game of golf for the year and then we played chase the cow and bulls after he got home as they had broken through a fence into the field next door and it runs for miles with no fencing. They were a half mile from the house. Of course it was raining, sleeting and pouring rain on us the whole time. I had so mush water in my boots from the tall grass they sloshed. Dave was wearing his tenna shoes so he had better footing. So 40 minutes to get them back in and fix the fence. Not to bad but Dave says; we need a 4-wheeler. I concurred, so maybe someday. Chasing cows that don't want to come is the pits especially with only 2 people. They go everywhere but where you want them to. And Spring acted like she didn't know us from beans.

Last Sat. the 22 in the sleet, hail, rain and snow Dave got the 3 year old manure unto the garden using the tractor bucket and lots and lots of trips.

He closed the cow and the 2 bulls in the barn. They didn't like the weather anyway and were laying around in there.

Monday evening he managed to get the first pass with the tiller and thinks it needs one more to get it tilled in well. Where the tractor had run the ground was pretty hard as the ground was still damp from all the rain we have been getting.

Looks like its going to let loose this morning sometime to, so so much for drying out some more lol.

Kaylee was ill all weekend but started to improve on Monday . Kathy came home sick from work on Monday night. And so was sick on her day off yesterday.

I didn't get that soap made as yet either.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Cool rainy day today, even had to get the wood stove going to take the chill off the house. They are even talking a chance of snow for this Friday/Friday night with lows around 30. Another cool spring for us.

My cold is better so I am trying to work up to making more soap, we will see how that goes. I got quite a bit done in the house yesterday which was great.

I have my soap recipe in the back of our cook book at,

Dear hubby said he would bring supper home tonight with him :).

He also has to pick up Kaylee at the day care before he comes home.

The x-rock chicks saw me coming this morning and all gathered at the gate door to their pen and I had a hard time getting in without stepping on them. They love their food.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

No frost or snow this week

Hey 3 whole mornings with no frost. Also hasn't snowed this week. A nice warm front is here with highs in the low 60's and no rain expected for at least 3 or 4 days.

Our granddaughter Kaylee has shared her cold with me, so I have been under the weather this week. It looks like Dave has it to.

I still had to build a fire this morning to take the chill off the house. But should be able to let it die out now.

It has been nice to hang clothes out today, I was going to yesterday but they said we would get thunder storms but we never did.

We really don't mind the rain as soon we will be in our dry season and we will get brown and crispy.

The x rock chicks and baby turkeys are doing well and growing fast.

Last Sat. we did a 8 hour marathon lay flooring day, its that new Allure floating vinyl flooring. It sure works great. Hardest thing was moving the appliances out of the kitchen. We moved the frig. after we had half of the flooring down. Not easy for the 2 of us these days.

I don't know how long I will continue this blog as no one seems to be reading it lol. I feel like I am talking to myself. Which isn't unusual any way.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Another snow day

The flower picture is from this morning. The front yard pic is from 28 Apr.

Been snowing off and on again this morning, getting pretty repetitive huh. At least we only got like a 1/4 of an inch last night instead of the 6 inches they were predicting for our area.

Typing isn't easy this morning hard to imagine how much i use my left hand for things like typing lol even. I hurt my bad left wrist getting the last jar of tomato's open for the lentil beef vegetable soup yesterday. Now it will be nearly useless for a few days. The brace helps some

Dave was nice enough to do the dishes last night and clean up the kitchen since I was unable to do so. I made 3 gallons of lentil chili and 4 gallons lentil beef vegey for him to take to work today.

The xrock chicks and turkeys are doing great getting bigger by the day.

We have arranged with DJ to pick up at least one of the chain saws I think its on Friday night. We will both drive and meet half way so the drive isn't real hard on either of us. An hour and half for both.

Oh almost forgot our son Joseph, wife Jaylyn and new baby Xander(4months) came up for dinner and visiting on Tuesday night. Was a real nice visit.

Joseph has been looking for a full time job since he has been out of work and found a part time seasonal one at least with the city. He should start this coming Monday.

Monday, May 3, 2010


A new storm came in during the night after a nice Sunday with a high of 50 for a short time. With the new storm front came high winds. We have snow/rain coming in for the next 4 days.

Got up to find a tall tree lying across 2 of our fences behind the chicken coop which is behind the house. Took out field fencing and the chicken fence at the back of the chicken yard.

To top it off we left both chain saws at sons house to finish up his tree problem. Soooooo we wil have to get at least one back lol.

The Cornish x-rock chicks and turkeys are doing just fine in their pen in the barn.

Spring the cow and the 2 bulls were hanging out in the barn this morning staying out of the rain and wind.

I have extra water and drinks made etc in case the electricity goes out in these high winds. I can cook on the wood stove so that's no problem.