Monday, April 12, 2010

What a difference

Saturday morning at around 8 am it was 25 degrees. Sunday morning it was 40. My goodness some difference. Bam its spring lol.

Sat. Dave got the barn all cleaned out again and a ditch dug that behind our barn. The previous owners had taken out the incline behind the barn and must have thought they leveling it out. But what they did is create a giant bowl. So on the upper part he dug a trench that will hopefully drain off the excess water.

We also cut 6 sheets of 8x4 OSB sheets in half for the attic loft to put on top of the insulation to walk on so we can store things up there better.

It was a very interesting job, for me at least. Holding Kaylee on my right hip and holding a cornor of the OSB wooden sheet with my left so Dave could cut them in half off the front deck.

Dave still wasn't feeling the best but it was a lot easier getting them up there cut in half as we have to go through a loft trap door and the ceiling up there in the attic was like 6 inches short of him being able to get the whole big sheet up there.

To top things off Sunday, I found I was coming down with the same thing Dave, Kathy and Kaylee have had for 3 weeks. But I waited until now to get it it seems, oh joy. I got up this morning just feeling awful and I am having to babysit Kaylee this week as Kathy is trying to find a new day care.

I have been giving out hand outs each Sunday at Church called 52-week food storage. It is where each shopping trip you pick up what is on the list so by the end of a yr you will pretty much have a years supply of food, toilet paper and a few other things.

Along with a finished 72 to 96 hour kit, some people call them Bug Out Bags (BOB). We are on week 30. If you shop once every 2 weeks then you get whats on 2 lists. It is for 2 people and you add for extra people in the family. Along with want to put in a car kit.

One week will be say get an extra 8 cans of meat and 8 cans of vegetables. The next 30 lbs of flour and 10 lbs of sugar and so on. You also need some water storage for at least 2 weeks which might at least give you a leeway so you can find more to filter.

Lewiston Valley has a earthquake fault line running down the Clearwater River. Which runs the coarse of the valley then joins into the Snake and 3 places in town that have chlorine tanks. Dworshak Damn is 45 miles up the river and the study said it would take a few hours to get down to the valley so at least that would give people time to grab a BOB and get out of the valley.

Not to mention we are east of inactive Volcano's lol. They got 7 inches of ash in the valley when Mt. St. Helen's erupted.

So it is a good idea to be prepared for disruption in your every day life. The old Boy Scout motto. Be Prepared.

Which goes for us big time in the winter because we have been snowed in a few times.

One couple was snowed in so bad up here they couldn't get out of their house for over 2 weeks. The snow was over the doorways. They had to be dug out and they were pretty much out of food. They had been rationing it.

Needless to say they moved out and went back to CA. right after that.

Here is a picture I took of Dave getting to the barn in Feb. 2008, he was making steps for me to go up so I could get to the barn.

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