Friday, March 26, 2010

Woke up to snow

Another crisp snowy morning here. It is afternoon and it is mostly melted off now :). Dave headed off to Spokane WA abut an hour ago and won't be back till midnight or so. Kathy worked at 8:30 this morning so she was off and running by 7:30. Dave got the tractor going this morning and hauled grain up to the chicken coop.

I washed dishes but that's about it until its time to collect eggs and milk the cow. Maybe wash a load of clothes or two. I am gong to make some Mascarpone cheese next week. It is a dessert cheese. I have been gathering cream off the milk, I need a quart of cream. The one I make the most is American Mozzarella from the milk and then stick in the freezer in Food saver bags. I also make hard cheese now and then, here is a picture of it covered with cheese wax. One of the sites I like to use is

I get my supplies at
They seem to have the best prices, unless you have somewhere in your area that sells them.
Dave took Monday off and we are headed 3 hours away to help our son DJ to cut down an old tree that has dead branches hanging over his house. So that will be a full day with chores done real early and then late when we get home.


  1. I like your blog. One thing you might do is make your photos bigger but I guess that is a matter of opinion.
    Have fun blogging!

  2. You have a good start :) I'll add you to my blog roll.


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