Sunday, March 28, 2010

Supposed to rain

It is cloudy today and we have a rain storm coming in and pretty windy, then they say Wednesday and the next 2 or 3 days are snow/rain days with a cold front coming in. We did get into the 40's yesterday and down in the valley it was 64 with daffodils popped up everywhere. Over in Burbank they have 50% chance of rain tomorrow so I hope it doesn't rain on us to bad. I got a nice toasty fire going and its nice and warm in the house now.

We got the barn cleaned out yesterday and everything rounded up for going to son David's house to help with that tree that needs cut down. Then Dave worked a bit helping to get a census translated, he and I are volunteers in that program.

So around 2 we headed down to the Lewiston/Clarkston Valley to do a little shopping and go to a Baptism. We picked up 2 under the counter older cabinets at St. Vincent De Paul's, used but in good shape, they were $12.80 a piece and will work great in the outdoor kitchen we are building on the west side of the garage, as we find things. The old counter we have will work great on those. I had picked up a utility sink at Goodwill last year or so for it. :) Dave and son David already put the wood cook stove over there and it only needs a little work. So little by little that's getting done.

Kathy worked 3 PM to 8:30 yesterday and she ended up home before we did last night, she got a fire going as soon as she gave Kaylee an evening snack as the little one gets crabby when she is hungry.

Dave ran out and milked as soon as he could run in and change. I was to pooped to go up and help and keep him company.

I am home from Church today as I didn't sleep well last night, my fibromyalgia was really acting up last night and really hit me while we were still out and about. Sheesh I didn't need that but who does.

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