Friday, March 12, 2010

Just me

Dave is out the door and headed to Spokane for the day. We took off the snow blower from the tractor after the milking was finished this morning, it is now sitting in front of the barn on pallets so lets hope we don't get a whole lot of snow now.

He used the tractor bucket to put the chopped corn, barley and layer in and haul up to the chicken coop where we put the grain in the barrels we keep in the coop for easy feeding.

I was thinking about making some more fire starters today as we are out. They are wood chips put into the cardboard egg carton cups and then wax poured in, then when cool each cup is torn off.

I will be happy when the outdoor kitchen is all ready to use for this kind of thing. We mainly heat with wood so its nice to have something to make fire starting easier. Kathy keeps a small electic heater in her and babies room to make sure it doesn't get to cool in their when the door is closed. Then it will most likely be time to collect eggs and get ready to go milk.

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